Bootcamp Creations - Past, Present, Future

Prato, Italy - September 2019

”Everyone at peace in the golden age of empathy and harmony”

That’s our far vision - how the world would look like 20 years from now if we continue to work together. The first step that we are doing towards that vision is:

Version 1.0: Creatively Connecting Team Members

We made a few steps towards the version 1.0 during our Bootcamp:

  • We studied, practiced and experienced The Core.

  • We collected, tried out, perfected and documented four games designed to connect team members.

  • We created a game to help with Personal Alignment.

  • We proposed those games to be part of future Bootcamps. Proposed Bootcamp Manual Appendix D

  • We started this page so past and future Bootcamp teams have a single place to share their creations.

  • We became a great team ourselves.

  • We take the Bootcamp experience to our work and life.

Also, we created art and made some paintings available here. The license for the following paintings is CC BY-NC 4.0.

The Golden Age - Team Painting

The Golden Age - Team Painting
Image from iOS (1).jpg

Alignment Adventure - Game

Dalia and Marjan

Past Bootcamps

2019 Prato Bootcamp team invites past and future Bootcamp teams to share their products here.