24 hours of awesome!

Free attendance available if you book by June 25th!

Where: Les Espaces Rocroy - 13 rue de Rocroy, 75010 Paris - www.lesespacesrocroy.fr


By the way we have still 5 two hours' sessions to fill, so speaking proposals are welcome and will be accepted on a first to come first served basis. THERE WILL BE NO CALL FOR PAPERS, just send your proposal to david@greatnessguild.org by June 18th, 2017. 

GGCON2017 theme is: "Greatness everywhere" speaker will talk about their ideas about how to be great in any field.

Thursday Sept. 28th

12:00    14:00    Leadership is nothing but a bunch of talk –  Kirsten Dierolf
14:00    16:00    Awesome Teams    -  Richard Kasperowski
16:00    18:00    Awesome Teams    -  Richard Kasperowski
18:00    20:00   Open Space Agility    - Astrid Claessen & Silvana Wasitova
20:00    22:00  Future of Work - Usha Gubbala
22:00    00:00  Braving Trust - Marjan Venema

Friday Spet. 29th

00:00    02:00    Could be you?    
02:00    04:00    Could be you?    
04:00    06:00    Could be you?
06:00    08:00    Emotional Greatness - David Papini
08:00    10:00     Could be you?   
10:00    12:00      Could be you?

This is a Pay What You Can conference. Pay What You Can conferences are a gift designed to spread Good wide and far by making skills and knowledge available to all. Pay What You Can conference:

  • are organized at cost, and the cost is fully disclosed.
  • always have an option to pay 0.
  • are a framework that can be used by all conference organizers.

Our estimated cost to produce the conference for 25 attendee is €1.533, or €62 per attendee:

  • David's travel from Milan to Paris and back: €200
  • Christian's travel from Switzerland to Paris: €200
  • Venue rental: €680
  • Materials for participants (€6 each): €150
  • Food Snacks: (€4 each): €100
  • Advertising: €100
  • EventBrite's fee: 103€
  • Total estimated cost: €1.533

Full price for this conference is €245

If the conference gathers more than 1.530 the difference will be used to rembourse expenses for speakers and adding benefits for attendees. 

Until June 25th you can pay 0 for tickets. After that date we will ask a small contribution (because we'll have to confirm location rental).

Reserve your spot!!


Christian Delez, Frederic Meizen, David Papini




Christian Delez

Greatness Guild co-founder

Christian is passionate about team dynamics and culture design. Christian loves trying new human interactions patterns to bring happiness for each individual in a team. Christian works as an agile project leader and coach. He also volunteers in www.GreatnessGuild.orgwww.tealcamp.ch and www.happymelly.com.   



Fredric Merizen

Fredric Merizen

David Papini

David Papini

Greatness Guild co-founder

A certified SCRUM Master with a background in psychology, IT industry certifications (MCT, CTT+, and MCSE), NLP Counselor and SCCM Certified Positive Psychology Coach, member practitioner of the International Association of Coaching (IAC) and member of SCRUM Alliance regularly speaking at gatherings. Focused on developing healthy team performance’s culture. Coordinates the Italian peer coaching community at Reciprocoach.com and is member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

David helps organizations, teams and individuals to create the culture they need to succeed fruitfully.

Published books about emotional intelligence and teams. Most recent are “The taste of emotions” (2013) and “Create agile and successful groups with NLP and Core Protocols” (2015)